3 Easy Social Marketing Tips For Travel Agencies

magik media 3 easy social marketing tips for travel agencies

Travel agencies sure are lucky aren’t they? A business that sends people off to vacations and relaxation is sure to have many happy clients. Oh and boy do we like seeing those beautiful luxury images on Instagram.

How can travel agencies enhance their business? Read these 3 easy to do tips and you’ll find yourself swimming in a sea of happy clients.


#1 – Pick a niche

Like any other business, finding a niche should be a step that’s decided early on. But let’s say you’re already running your travel agency and you can help clients go anywhere in the world.

Fine, however your marketing campaign can be tweaked. Decide on a specific country or section of the world. There’s a very good reason for this. Similarly real estate agents benefit from targeting their own neighborhoods first.

You’ll find it easier to find and most importantly engage with a specific audience versus a large one. Your audience will also find it easier to connect and trust in you. Remember it’s only a starting point. In other words, targeting a specific audience gets your foot in the door for a larger demographic.


#2 – Target a complimentary audience

Every niche has its audience. It only makes sense that you filter out people that don’t fit in to your niche. As a travel agency you should know that not everyone can afford to travel to the Caribbean islands.

Learn about who can afford your niche, most importantly what type of people are they. What are their interests, hobbies, purchasing patterns, etc.

A thorough research of your audience will help you to understand them. Therefore it will help you in establishing a trusting relationship. Furthermore you’ll know how to effectively market your services to them.

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#3 – Which social platform you should utilize

All of them! Yep you heard me. You should utilize every social platform at your disposal. Realistically speaking, some may be more effective than others.



The large empire commonly known as Facebook can be a great place to start marketing your travel agency. You can easily present happy reviews, post any kind of content you’d like: text, photos, videos, live, long form text, blog links, any other links, etc.

In short you can do quite a lot with Facebook, and you probably should. Facebook definitely isn’t perfect but you’ll find it a great platform to share all kinds of value to your audience.

What’s even better is that Facebook offers you powerful targeting selections. We were discussing understanding your audience earlier right? Here’s where you can fully utilize that knowledge.



Instagram is clearly a very visual platform. As a travel agency I’d say you have an unlimited amount of visual content you can share.

Instagram is very simple for travel agencies. All that is involved is to post high quality images, or videos, of your niche locations. Through the right hashtags you’ll be able to find your audience, follow them, and engage with them.

To make your Instagram even more effective, ask your customers to tag you in one of their posts while they’re on vacation. But always offer them something in return. Whatever you’re comfortable with giving. Be it a $5 rebate or even better 5% off their next trip.

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Pinterest like Instagram is a very visual platform. Sticking to the same strategy as Instagram is generally a good rule of thumb. With a little tweaking however you can find better use of Pinterest.

Pinterest is primarily a female dominant platform. What a gold mine for travel agencies. If you’re targeting families, couples, or even singles, Pinterest is where they will be.

Knowing that, you can create content that appeals to women. For example: “The GrandMagik Resort is a place of beauty with a wonderful dining experience and a dedicated play area for children” or something along those lines.

The point is when you know your demographic, specifically the women on your Pinterest, you can create content that targets them effectively.



Twitter is a particularly tough platform for businesses to utilize. It’s become more of a support platform for businesses. It’s a little different when you’re an entrepreneur.

As a travel agency you can definitely post creative content such as photos and videos but the real trick is to take advantage of Twitter’s advanced search.

The advanced search will allow you to find people not only hash-tagging but using a particular word or phrase in their tweets. For example, if you want to look for people tweeting: “I really want to travel to the Bahamas” you can do so.

Otherwise Twitter does not have much to offer travel agencies, or businesses in general, unfortunately.



Snapchat is a little tricky for travel agencies. But their recent paperclip update presents an opportunity. You need to be able to make your Snapchat fun. The best way to do this is to make your office a fun place.

Now you can publish authentic content without having to spend time or money creating any. Or you can simply post the same content on your Instagram onto your Snapchat. Just spit-balling here. At the end of the day Snapchat is a personal and fun platform, you need to find your personalized strategy.


Ultimately as a travel agencies you are fortunate to have such a vast amount of content to work with. So choose your niche and audience carefully then tailor your content to them.

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