4 Steps To Sales Without Being a Saleperson

magik media sales without salesperson by networking

Most entrepreneurs don’t know how to do sales. You can’t blame them. The industry has lost its way. Sales when done right is effective and artistic.

Our era is seeing a great shift into marketing. There’s definitely a difference between marketing and sales. However they both go hand to hand.


Step 1 – Drop The One Sided Sales Mindset

If your mind is only on making a sales you’ve already lost. People are less inclined to make a purchase when it’s consider a sale. We like having the power to decide.

With such a short sided perspective you miss out on other opportunities. Sales isn’t always about actually making a sale. You’re better off selling people on you, thus creating a solid relationship to build upon.

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Networking leads to more sales

When you’re only thinking about making the sale you lose sight of the person in front of you. That relationship has the potential to create more than one sale for you.

Building trust should be the only goal you have in sales. Referrals has always been, and will always be, the best way to get business. But the only time you’ll get a referral is when you make genuine connections with people.


Step 2 – Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Learning how to read body language as an entrepreneur can help you a great deal. It’s a valuable skill-set to have. During a sales meeting people have their guards up. Often times their body language will be less defended.

People will say one thing but their body says something entirely different. By learning how to read and interpret body language you’re able to understand your prospect better. Therefore you will be able to provide them with better value.

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Step 3 – Don’t Think About Yourself

If you’ve already mastered step 1, you can still go a bit further. What is the true meaning behind making a sale? Not the textbook version.

The heart of making a sale is providing value in exchange for value. 99% of the time the value you receive is money. Did you stop to think about what your customer or client is gaining?

When you think about what the other person wants you’re able make a sale without selling anything. They’ll start to sell themselves because they will want it, if it’s something beneficial. Remember it’s an exchange of value and let your customer make the decision to buy.

Note: Consider your time but more importantly your customers time. Don’t approach anyone that you truly don’t believe will find value in what you have to offer.


Step 4 – What You’re Selling Is Not Important

Nobody wants to hear you ramble about how your service or product is the best. With the amount of competition today it’s become more difficult to compete and be truly different.

Don’t worry there’s a way to stand out without having to point it out. Instead of pitching that you’re company/product is special and its features are amazing, focus on the people you are pitching to. Ask yourself how would my company/product benefit them? Then you can carefully explain to them how your material can benefit them.


Sales Is Asking Questions

Prime your prospects with the right questions. You know that you can benefit them but they don’t. Not yet at least. By asking the right questions you can a) gather information about them and b) allow them to make the decision to buy.

Asking questions is proven to not only help in sales but overall as an entrepreneur. By asking yourself questions you find your answers. What makes it any different for your prospects? Learning about your customer is the most valuable part of sales. Without the right information you’ll fail to grab their attention.


The Art of Sales

The art of sales becomes clear when you understand these steps. By asking the right questions you learn about your customer. By learning about your customer you can discuss how you can benefit them. Resulting in your customer making the decision that you’re right and your product/service is right for them.

Ultimately your prospect will make the decision to buy or sign. Regardless of their decision, if you’ve followed these steps you’ll find your sales efforts to be more successful. You might also build some amazing relationships along the way!