6 Golden Rules To Cold Outreach Marketing (Cold Calling)

6 golden rules cold outreach cold calling

It’s no secret that cold outreach marketing is not as effective as it once was. Today customers make purchases based on value. The art of selling has truly changed.

However this doesn’t mean cold calling may still not yield some results for you. It really comes down to what it is you provide. The best question to ask yourself is: “Can I provide value to my cold lead when I call them”.

By asking that question you can integrate providing value directly into your cold outreach campaign. Here are a 6 tips that can help you increase your cold calling effectiveness.


Rule #1 Stimulate Curiosity

Business offices and entrepreneurs get many phone calls in their day. The second they realize you are trying to sell them something you hear the dial tone. So how can you avoid this outcome?

Easy! Don’t sound like your calling to sell them something. Offering you an exact script on a silver platter won’t help you either. You need to reverse engineer your leads and find the right words to entice them. The first words out of your mouth need to stimulate curiosity, along with energy!


Rule #2 The Importance of Tonality

Whether on the phone or in person nobody wants to work with someone that has no passion. Believe it or not but your voice can carry this emotion across. Your value proposition is meaningless if you can’t convey it with a striking amount of passion.

Putting your energy into your conversation displays confidence and belief. People can pick up on this. Any entrepreneur considering making cold calls has to sound like cold calling is enjoyable.

Remind yourself that what you have to say is important. If you believe your service will bring value to clients then you should sound like it. Listen to Jordan Belfort talk about tonality. 


Rule #3 Make It a Conversation

Customers obviously have the purchasing power. In the past salespeople could sway a customer with fancy words and sales directions. Today however customers operate differently.

Nobody likes the feeling of being ‘sold to’. It feels cheap and irritates people. Let’s be fair, would you like it?

Having a conversation with your prospect is much more valuable and smarter. Through a conversation you can learn about the person on the other end of the phone. As we know, the more we understand our prospects the better we can serve them.

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Rule #4 Asking The Rights Questions

An effective cold outreach is done by asking the right questions. Specifically: open-ended questions. What is an open-ended question?

An open-ended question is designed to encourage a full, meaningful answer using the subject’s own knowledge and/or feelings. It is the opposite of a closed-ended question, which encourages a short or single-word answer.

It won’t be a good conversation if you let your prospect give short and simple answers. Open-ended questions invite a person to think about it and provide you with answers full of context.


Open-ended question:

What accounting software are you currently using to manage your finances?

Close-ended version:

Are you currently using any accounting software to manage your finances?

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The difference between the two is subtle, but very significant. By asking “what” you make it seem important that the customer should be using one.

This way they feel less than their competitors. Now s/he may be more inclined to talk to you about the value in using an accounting software.


Rule #5 Don’t Rush The Close

During your cold outreach marketing you want to first establish your goals. There must be a reason you are calling. Naturally it’s to have the prospect work with you.

If you follow the golden rules I’ve laid out it should be clear that rushing to make the close would not be the wisest decision. During a cold call your prospect really has no idea who you are.

Use the cold call not as a tactic to make a sale but to provide information. Direct your customers to your highly converting landing page/website or schedule a meeting.

You’ll find it very difficult to close a deal during the initial cold outreach. Ask yourself another question, would you feel comfortable?

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Rule #6 Respect The Gatekeeper

Typically during your cold outreach campaign your first hurdle will be the gatekeeper. This person is anybody who is answering the phone that is not the decision maker.

After your introduction, ask another open ended question such as: “Who can I speak to about [your service]”.

By asking this question you not only gain the name of the person in charge but you don’t insult the gatekeeper. When you ask a question like: “Who’s in charge, or can I speak with the owner” the keeper rises the gates and defends the castle.

You don’t want to come off as brash and intimidating. Respect the gatekeeper and s/he will remember you the next time you call.

Mastering even one of these golden rules can increase your odds. Cold outreach is no easy strategy to utilize. However those who do it correctly might find it to be highly successful.