Why Commenting Is The Most Effective Instagram Strategy

There’s no argument that social media is essential for businesses. Instagram is a great place to begin.

With 700 million daily users the potential reach is huge. Also as a business account entrepreneurs have access to powerful analytics.

But how does a business truly take advantage of Instagram? Many take the opportunity to slide in dms. Others simply post a tremendous amount of content. We’ve found that commenting is the best way to go.


Not Everyone Can Instagram

Most entrepreneurs fail at Instagram.  They go for sale right off the bat people. Consequently this turns people off.

As a business account on Instagram you’ve likely gotten the cold shoulder. People just don’t interact well with business pages. Because many entrepreneurs used Instagram the wrong way which changed the perception of business accounts.

As a result everyone now expects to receive spam or a sales pitch. This is commonly expected with direct messaging. Fortunately comments haven’t been fully ruined.

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The True Use Of Instagram

Entrepreneurs tend to shy away from commenting. It’s believed that commenting makes you come off as spam. While that may be true for some (if you really are spamming), it’s not entirely accurate.

The point of Instagram is to explore the community and bluntly be a little nosy. When you send a message you have a high chance of being rejected or ignored. While nobody deletes a comment unless it’s spam or volatile.

This is a plus for business pages. You may not close the owner of the post but you just may get a follow or two from others. You widen your possibility of creating a new relationship.

Other users may see your comment and find it intriguing. Thus you open your doors to others that may be interested in your content.


Faking It Doesn’t Make It

Social media awareness is valuable for any business. Commenting shows people that you’re active on Instagram. This is a solid method of generating an organic audience to your page.

Be wary not to use bots or be completely phony on your comments. People pick up on it very easily. That’s not a professional and effective awareness strategy.


Instagram Hidden Understanding

Participating on Instagram is by far the best way to market a business account. There are unspoken levels of participation on Instagram. Liking a post is the most basic one. However commenting is taking that extra step.

Everyone knows that liking is quick and easy. A comment takes a little more time. People appreciate a comment much more than a like. Many feel good about themselves when they get a comment.

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Instagram Gratification

As a business you definitely want to make your potential customer feel special. Emotions are the ‘open’ and logic is the ‘close’. Then you can try and talk shop with them.

Posting genuine comments on posts compels users to respond. People feel a sense of obligation to reply. Whether to say thank you or to answer your honest question(s).


Communication & Relationships

The opportunity to communicate with potential customers is beautiful. Communication is the first step to understanding. Once you understand a potential client it becomes easier to create a relationship.

As most entrepreneurs should know build relationships is important. Without a relationship a sale pitch is useless.