What Does Being an Entrepreneur Have To Do With Exercising


Becoming a fitness nut and being an entrepreneur share many elements. Both require willpower and sacrifices. Neither is simple or easy to accomplish.

That’s why exercising daily can help you become a successful entrepreneur. It’s the discipline you establish that creates success.


Both Require Strong Willpower

The willingness to make sacrifices is what makes the difference between the successful and unsuccessful entrepreneur. Are you ready to give up some parts of your life that you consider important?

Most men hope to achieve six-pack abs that women lust for. Many women want to have an hourglass figure. But where’s the willingness to replace that bag of chips for carrots?

Achieving success as an entrepreneur is just like getting the body you want. You have to have the will to make sacrifices like fun and junk food so they can be replaced with hard work.


It Definitely Sucks At First

Have you ever felt that chest pain or shortness of breath after the first few minutes of running? You feel as if you can’t go on anymore. There’s a sharp poking feeling in your chest.

It’s only temporary right? You continue to run and the pain starts to go away. But those first minutes are just painful.

As an entrepreneur you feel the same pain. You may not be running but that chest pain comes differently. The bills begin to pile up. You start thinking you can’t do this anymore.

The struggle becomes a reality. You work and work to find customers and each day goes without success. But remember, it’s only temporary.


Creating the Right Mindset

After feeling the pressure so long you begin considering your choices. Option one you give up. You decide you’ll never have six-pack abs and you’re never going to sign any clients. This is survival of the fittest.

The alternative is you keep going forward. You do another painstaking sit-up. An entrepreneur doesn’t give up. Someone who truly wants success pushes through the pain.

Ask any fitness expert how difficult it was for them to achieve their goals. How many hours they put into the gym, or how often they wanted to eat a snickers bar but didn’t.

Whenever in doubt always remind yourself: It ain’t how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Rather, good things come to those who are dedicated. Big results take a large amount of time. Patience is a virtue most people (especially entrepreneurs) don’t have.

Focusing on the big picture helps with your dedication. Often times it can take months or years of daily work to see results. Without dedication you’ll quit before you even get close.


One Pound at a Time

Isn’t exciting when you notice the number on the scale going down? You begin to feel a little better and slowly even the chest pain goes away.

As an entrepreneur there comes many times where your confidence begins to shrink. Once you start picking the fruits of your labor, you become more confident. Even the smallest result can motivate you to keep exercising or keeping hustling.


It’s About Consistency

Many fitness experts have exclaimed consistency is a key factor when exercising. You can’t work out once a week and expect to lose 10 pounds in a month. You need to exercise every day.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur also shares this aspect with fitness. You need to put in the work every single day if you want your business to succeed.


The product of your hard work is determined by how hard you actually work.