How Entrepreneurs Benefit When The Customer Is Always Right

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You’ve most likely heard the expression “The customer is always right”. It was a common theme around aspiring entrepreneurs to follow that motto. However in the recent years entrepreneurs have forgotten how the customer always being right could benefit them.


Is The Customer Always Right?

Many times the customer is definitely not right. On the other hand neither are you. So how do we entrepreneurs benefit from this slogan?

First you must realize you are dealing with people. Most of the time a person is not fully versed in the topics they choose to argue or talk about.

As an entrepreneur understand that people may not always be right but almost always believe that they are. This is something you can benefit from. It only takes the following 3 steps.

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Step #1 – Take Everything With a Grain of Salt

As an entrepreneur you need to develop some thick skin. You’ll always find yourself dealing with complications and more. Having a thick skin without any arrogance can help you see things clearly.

You can’t let anything a customer says truly phase you. This doesn’t mean however you can’t have feelings. You simply need to practice controlling your feelings to win in business.

Every entrepreneur is filled with emotions. Nothing hurts more than having someone attack your business. But if you can’t keep your composure you won’t be able to use the motto to your benefit.


Step #2 – Use Your Ears First

What do you do when your customer or client starts to criticize you? Most entrepreneurs see red and fight back. The walls go up and you start to defend yourself. But is this the most practical approach in business?

Do you ever stop and consider what your customer is saying might actually have a bit of truth? Don’t forget that your customer pays you for a product or service. They have every right to be upset if they feel they’ve been wronged in some way.

Often times customers expect perfection and get angry when it’s not so. But by listening to their complaints with a level head you might learn a thing or two. In fact you might keep them as a customer.

Always listen calmly so that you can find a solution, whether the customer is right or wrong. Don’t try to prove them wrong because you’ll only lose a customer and the potential referrals that come with him/her.

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Step #3 – Execute Your Solutions

You’re an entrepreneur to make money or achieve some type of success. Don’t let pettiness or ego stand in your way. When you’re wrong, accept it, fix it, and then execute.

Remind yourself that no matter what business you’re in customer service always comes first. There’s a reason why Amazon is doing so well. Their customer service is off the charts.

Do whatever needed to make sure your customer is happy. If they are happy, they will give you less problems which in turn will make you happy. Help me, help you. (from a customer’s point of view)


What If The Customer Is Truly Wrong?

If your customer is truly wrong and has misjudged your product or service, start from Step 1. Don’t be offended then ask them to clarify their perspective.

The answer to this question will always be the same. The only difference is the context you will have with your customer. By listening about why they believe they are right will help you find a solution. You can only hope to find a solution if you listen and work towards one instead of fighting.


The Customer Is Always Right Because They Believe They Are.