Why Real Estate Agents Need Facebook Advertising

Real Estate is a hot industry right now. At the same time it’s difficult to succeed in Real Estate. If you enter an industry when its “hot” chances are you’re too late. Here’s why Real Estate agents can find value in Facebook Advertising.


Facebook Advertising versus Google Adwords

Facebook Advertising is almost as powerful as Google Adwords. I don’t say this lightly because I am a big believer in Adwords. But the way Facebook is able to nail down buyers is what separates them from Google.

With Adwords you’re able to define when your ad appears based on search terms. Which is great depending on what your business goals are. Facebook on the other hand narrows your audience based on many specific personal factors.


Location targeting

Just like Google Adwords you’re able to target down people based on location. I will say through personal experience, the location functionality on Facebook is smoother than Google.

For Real Estate agents your goal is to reach people. This would be the greatest difference between these titans. On FB you can create a digital ad to reach people in your community.

I absolutely recommend Real Estate agents, especially newbies, to stick to their local community first. Then after conquering your city you can expand.


Kids & the elderly aren’t typically buying homes

It’s safe to say that you won’t have a client that’s too young or too old. There’s a sweet spot for finding sellers and buyers. Facebook gives you the ability to choose the age of your audience.


Target The Right Demographics

Understanding your audience is valuable for every business. As a Real Estate agent Facebook offers you audience data in gold.


Income targeting

In Real Estate location plays a big factor in property value. As a savvy agent you’ll want to target people who match your location with their income. You don’t want to waste your time or your clients’ time if neither of you match.

With Facebook Advertising we can narrow down the audience to people who match the income of the location you’re targeting. This is a powerful way to ensure that you find real buyers.


Relationship & Family Statuses

As of 2016 66% of home buyers are married and 36 years old and younger. At the same time 86% of sellers are married and 36 years old and younger. Those are some pretty big figures. The amazing part is both sellers and buyers are 36 years old and younger and married!

Now you’re able to narrow your Facebook Advertising campaign even more. It would be a safe bet that majority of your clients would be newlyweds, married with no kids or married with kids.

Children are also a big factor in Real Estate. If you specialize in a more suburban area you can target buyers who are married and are new parents. In contrast you can target the newlyweds if you specialize in metropolitan and urban areas.

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Behavioral targeting

Facebook has such an enhanced algorithm. You’re able to identify what habits people have on Facebook. For Real Estate agents Facebook will show your ad to people who are likely to be new time buyers. Also to people who are likely to move!


Language targeting

America is full of immigrants. Not many have mastered English just yet. People whose primary language is not English would rather work with an agent that speaks their tune. This is useful of course to those who know another language.

If you do, Facebook Advertising can let you reach clients that would rather trust and work with you that speaks their preferred language.


Real Estate Agents Win With Facebook Advertising

It’s pretty awesome when you think about how powerful Facebook Advertising can be. You’re able to combine all this targeting into one ad. This one ad can generate you at least 5,000 in reach. The more leads you have the higher your chance at a sale.