Facebook Advertising Amplified Their Offline Tool

It goes without saying that Facebook Advertising is a key player in a marketing roster. The targeting options on Facebook have shown great success. Now Facebook Advertising is going a step further.

Facebook has introduced 2 new tools to their advertising. The first is a location based ad tool. This will allow advertisers to target users based on their offline activities.

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What Are You Doing Offline

Technology is tracking your whereabouts 24/7. Your phone knows which store you’re in and when you are home. With Facebooks new location tool, advertisers can provide you better value. By understanding your offline actions the ads you see can become less of a nuisance.

Learn More About Facebooks Offline Activity Tool.


Products See a Update Too

The second is called the Canvas Collection Ad Template. The Canvas ad template is designed to help product type businesses. Canvas ads are full-screen ads and can have videos with your call to action.

The Canvas ad template features a collection of images with your tagged products. The Canvas Ad Template will become more useful when Facebook builds out the marketplace section. Which they plan to do.

Learn More About Faecbook Canvas Ads


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