Will The New Instagram Direct App Challenge Snapchat?

Instagram direct app header

With Instagram and Snapchat both widely popular with consumers it’s no surprise to see them constantly at war. Instagram direct could potentially take away Snapchat users with ease.

Today Instagram launched a standalone Direct app only available in a few countries (Uruguay, Chile, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, and Israel).


What will this app do?

The new app Instagram Direct will let you create and share stories, give you access to exclusive filters, and other creative tools. Sound familiar?

You’re probably thinking why build a separate app that’s already working within Instagram? It’s a strategic move by Instagram. They already have the attention of users and now are providing more value. Why have two separate social mediums when you can have best of both worlds with one?

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How will the new app work?

It seems the Direct app will have the same structure as Snapchat. When opened the camera pane is the first thing you see. Just like Instagram stories, except now you’ll have four new, exclusive filters.

Swiping left will bring up your account and settings, while swiping right will be the home for all your chats.

Just like Facebook did with Messenger, the new Instagram Direct app will automatically replace your direct messages inbox. After downloading the app Instagram will automatically stop showing your direct messages within the app. Swiping to the left will open the Instagram Direct app.

Instagram direct app

What does this mean for Instagram & Snapchat?

Personally I don’t think Snapchat will disappear anytime. It’s a fast paced medium that appeals when you want to see what’s happening with your friends quickly. Snapchat continues to create more features for consumers.

On the other hand I don’t believe Instagram is going anywhere either. It wasn’t long ago that Instagram introduced a polls feature for stories. These new app is just another way to keep their large amount of consumers to stay.

If Instagram continues to enhance user experiences they may very well succeed at completely wiping away Snapchat.


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