Instagram Hacks For Entrepreneurs To Stand Out

Instagram growth hacking featured image

Instagram has quickly become the best social platform out. With that in mind more business accounts pour in. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Social media marketing is important for businesses and entrepreneurs. Even though most suck at marketing. Hopefully reading this will clear things up.


Instagram Takes Time. Be Patient.

Building a community on Instagram takes time. Don’t compare your page to the successful ones.  You just started. Focus on you.

It could take months, a year, maybe a few weeks. Depending on what your page is about and your goals. No matter what stay determined. It’ll take time but good things happen to those who wait. (No this does not mean sitting around doing nothing.)


Make Instagram a Habit

When a business is still fresh there’s not much content to publish. This is okay. Rushing to post content will only deplete what little material you have.

Start your campaign by posting whenever possible. This will keep the pressure off of you. As you continue to grow keep increasing the amount of posts. As long as your page is consistent everything will be fine.

Disappearing for more than five (5) days is not recommended. Try and stick to about 2-3 posts per week.


Create or Document Instagram Worthy Content

Make sure you are posting good content. Good content can be subjective. However objectively good content means whatever works.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend hours on designing the best post ever. Or paying outside of what you can afford to make it perfect. Simply post content that’s not terrible.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t overdo with text. IG is not the right platform to hide an image behind large bolded and bulky text.
  • If you do use text make sure it’s not blurry.
  • Make sure you are using the appropriate dimensions. (In pixels)
    • Square: 600 x 600
    • Landscape: 600 x 336.5
    • Portrait (Vertical): 1080 x 1350


Pay Attention To Your Instagram Audience

While your Instagram game is growing keep an eye on your analytics. Insta offers amazing insight for business accounts. If you have a business page you should already know this.

Your steady pace of posts will help you see what type of content brings the best results. Ignore the amount of followers you have. The really important number is the engagement.

By noticing what your audience reacts to the best helps you. It’s basic supply and demand. The only difference is the medium.


Increase Your Visibility By Commenting

This is the truest way to grow your Insta. Commenting is one of the most effective Instagram growth strategies.

Understand why is simple. When you make a genuine comment you’re noticed. Initially your comment will stand out because it’s not one of those lame bot comments.

More importantly you’re visible. More people will see your username and might be inclined to visit your profile. Making genuine comments will help with your visibility.


Build an Instagram Community

Instagram is a social network. It’s not a bazaar. It’s called Instagram marketing. There’s a difference between marketing and sales.  Build relationships with your community. Talk to people.

Ask them questions; find out who your audience is and what they are interested in. Rather than focusing on posting a ton of material you’re better off making friends.

By doing so you create trust, generate attention and gather information.


Overall to win on Instagram you need to think differently. Be patient, build a community, and understand your audience. That’s the Instagram hack.