Instagram Introduces a New Feature Called Instagram Polls

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Instagram is cruising through 2017. Today they’ve introduced another feature for their users: Instagram polls! Now in Instagram stories you can ask your followers a questions and they will answer.

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What Is Instagram Polls

The new feature Instagram polls come in a shape of a sticker. You can place the sticker anywhere you’d like in your story post. You can write out your question and customize the poll choices.

Once you’ve shared your story your friends can start voting. You and your followers can see the results at any given moment.

You will also be able to see who voted and what their vote was. Like a regular story post your poll post will disappear after 24 hours.

If you’re an iOS user you get an extra perk. When you position your sticker, blue lines will appear to assist in positioning.


What Instagram Polls Will Do For Engagement

Instagram stories have seen great success with users. Instagram polls will make posting stories even more interactive.

After all the purpose behind social media is to engage with people and make friends. It seems the market of Questions & Answers is huge right now. Recently an app called Sarahah reached 95 million users in the US.

It all comes down to social gratification. The core feeling someone gets when their post is ‘liked’ is immeasurable. The new polling feature from Instagram takes this gratification a step further.


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