Instagram Shopping Is Now Available To US Retailers

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Instagram is always coming up with cool new features. Today Instagram Shopping has been released to retailers using the BigCommerce platform.

Social media platforms have always been competing. The winner is the platform that holds the attention of the most users. Lately we’ve seen social platforms fight for business attention as well.

Not too long ago we got the newest Snapchat feature “paperclip” that allowed us to attach links to our snaps. Instagram has been working on a similar feature since last November. Today Instagram announced that the feature is finally accessible to be used by retailers.

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What Is Instagram Shopping

The new feature will allow merchants to tag their photos with links. These links will take users to an in-app page that has all the product information: description and price.

The users will also see a shop now button which will then take them to the merchant’s online store. This new feature is similar to Facebook shopping. Instagram has been a platform of visual content. It’s no surprise that retailers would find the platform useful.

This new feature simply allows users to research the product further directly in the app. No longer do customers need to exit the app and search for the product. Users don’t even have to visit the retailers profile page anymore either!


Benefits of Instagram Shopping

Instagram is the leading social media platform for users and business. This new feature is going to enhance user experience and business productivity.

Many people buy products online after they’ve seen it on Instagram. The app has become a trusted environment. A brand that does well on Instagram sees an increase of sales.

Instagram shopping will save users time. As we know time is the most successful business. Anything that saves us time is sure to see success.

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How To Use Instagram Shopping

To use this new feature you have to fall under the requirements that Facebook has placed. If you believe you are a fit the next step is to get approved by Facebook.

What you must have to be eligible for Instagram Shopping:

  1. Be a merchant using BigCommerce.
  2. Be a U.S. based Instagram Business Profile with English language settings.
  3. Sell physical products in U.S. currency (dollars).
  4. Have your Facebook Product Catalog approved by Facebook.


Learn How To Take Advantage of Instagram Shopping