Mailers Can Still Be An Effective Marketing Strategy

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In today’s digital age we hear a lot of talk about Facebook ads, social media marketing, pod-casting, YouTube and so on. We also hear that older marketing platforms are dying. Although this may be true mailers can still bring results.


History Repeats Itself

Mailers have been around for a long time. It has been used by many small and large businesses. The effectiveness of using mailers to promote your business will vary. There really isn’t a one size fits all for promotional mailers.


What businesses should use promotional mailers

The decision to use promotional mailers is solely based on your business type. If you are a restaurant using mailers might not be a worthy investment. However if you are a small mom and pop pizzeria you might find some value.

As a pizzeria you can use mailers to let those large skyscrapers around the block know you deliver to each floor and you’re right around the corner. Everyone’s got to eat right? The same applies to residential mailing. If you’re the local town sandwich shop send a menu to all the homes in your localized area.

Businesses that can take advantage of local marketing can find mailers to be effective. Also for businesses running a ‘limited time only’ promotion.



Using mailers versus online marketing

The investment in promotional mailers can sometimes be cheaper than digital. You take a targeted area and hit them with your newest promotion only available to them. It’s the same principle that Facebook’s algorithm provides except its paper instead of a screen.

Digital marketing is most definitely powerful. However sometimes it could cost the business more in budget. Also digital marketing can take time to get traction.


Businesses Are Not Fully Digital Yet

The world is still going through the digital conversion. The entire world hasn’t fully converted to digital. It all comes down to demographics. The older generation of business owners may not yet trust social advertisement.

For some businesses however this type of marketing incurs another step. Sometimes business owners may need to purchase a database. Keep in mind that buying the right database is very important.


Business Hot Time

For B2B businesses marketing the buyer at the right time is crucial. Typically the best time is when a business first opens. This allows you to be the first to grab their attention. Most of the time mail is carefully examined in the first few months.

In contrast this timing may not be suitable for all businesses. Lack of budget and need for your service may come into play.


Don’t only go for a sale

Your promo material should grab a persons attention. There needs to be a reason why anyone would look at it. People make decisions on logic but you break the ice with emotions.

Once you have their attention, you create urgency. Whether it’s a limited time only offer or by notifying them with a problem that you can solve.


Targeting Your Audience

Most importantly make the content directed towards your audience. “Congratulations on opening you’re new law firm. Don’t you think it’s time to get your website started and let people know there’s a new sheriff in town” or you can use something more general “Congratulations on opening you’re new business! Let us focus on your website while you focus on your customers”

These are merely examples but you get the point.

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Table Scraps Can Generate Big Money Too

Sometimes the old school methods can be just as effective, if not more. Remember to look in places where your competition is not. They may be investing into certain things with the big budget they have. But that could also be their weakness. Take advantage of their arrogance.