Why Every Business Needs To Have a Website

We constantly meet businesses people or entrepreneurs that fail to invest in a website for their business. A survey from February 2016 displays that 46% of small businesses still do not have an online presence for their business.

There should be no excuse for not having a website in 2017.


A Website Gives Your Business Credibility

During a conversation with someone you just met or when prospecting for your product odds are the consumer doesn’t always trust you. For the most part people tend to be safe with their spending. Guards are up and you need to work hard to gently lower them.

By having a website (a good one) you show them that you mean business. People will become comfortable with you. Actually they’ll feel more secure. They know where they can find you.

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Your Website Provides Information

Sometimes you just can’t explain everything about your business in an elevator pitch. By directing the customer to your website they can find out more about your product or service.

Nobody wants to waste their time. It’s being respectful to your customer by offering them information quickly to decide whether they’d like to move forward or not. Also if you’re busy, you save yourself from over-presenting only to get rejected.

Even more important is having your contact information and social media accounts easily accessible on your website. This will not only help your credibility but actually provides value to your audience.


Understand Your Prospect Better

For starters, if anyone visits your website that means there is some amount of interest. The further the visitor travels on your website the more qualified they might become. A well designed website guides your visitor to pages where they will find the best, targeted value.

By tracking your website traffic you’ll be able to identify trends, what’s working and what isn’t, and most importantly are they converting?


Traffic To Your Website Can Bring Business

You may not become in the top page of Google but just by having a website at least you will be present. The internet is a magical place. You never know who might stumble across your site. It will also help when someone searches your business name or keywords that match your business.

Especially if your business relies on local customers. Having a website will greatly increase your search results.

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Your Competitors Have A Website So Why Shouldn’t You?

Many entrepreneurs choose not build a website because they are under the impression it doesn’t matter. That’s the perspective of failing entrepreneurs/business owners.

Your website doesn’t need to be the best. But it sure does need to exist. Google reported in 2015 that there are over 100 billion Google searches every month. That’s a lot of searches!

That just goes to show how important it is to have a properly built website. If you provide value to your potential customer, you’ll see an increase in your business. Even if you don’t beat your competitors.