How To Market Your Real Estate Business Like a Pro

market your real estate business

In overpopulated cities like Los Angeles, real estate has reached a high level of demand. As in any market, when the demand goes up so must the supply. As a realtor this is great! Until your client buys a home from your competitor. So what can you do to market your real estate business?


Create a Strong Foundation

Like any entrepreneur having a strong foundation is the first step to success. Part of that foundation is having a website designed to provide you results. Without a website your digital presence will be weak.

Our new digital world doesn’t have a place for realtors that aren’t digitally active. It’s important to setup your business on every social platform and listing sites. Having a strong foundation is important when building a home, why shouldn’t your real estate business be the same?

foundation market your real estate business

How To Do Social Media Correctly as a Real Estate Agent.

Don’t be fooled into the typical real estate trap. The average agent posts content about the properties they have listed or sold. Be realistic, it’s a long shot that anyone of your followers is going to be interested. (not that it’s impossible)

You need to use your Instagram page the same way every other business or entrepreneur does. You are your own brand. People will work with you because of who you are as a brand not a business.

For the most part as a real estate agent you heavily rely on yourself. Converting yourself into a brand should be common sense. You’re selling yourself not the property right?

Show people that you’re interesting and you’re actively working in the industry. Post selfies with your sellers or buyers. Nobody cares about a fancy house that they most likely can’t afford.

People are smarter than you believe. They know you’re trying to sell them something. So stop selling them a house they can’t buy and sell people your brand.

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Location, Location, Location!

I’m sure you’ve heard this cliche chant before. There’s a good reason why. It’s the most fundamental aspect of a real estate agents business. It’s actually the most important aspect of any entrepreneur.

You can take this chant and apply to many parts of your business. Let’s apply it to your social game. If you’re a real estate agent in Burbank, California. How would you market your real estate business on your social platforms?

Would it not be wise to target the community in Burbank? It would right? Much of your real estate marketing should be tailored around the town you live in. It’s easier to engage with people in your community.

Clients will feel more comfortable working with you because they know your a part of their local community.

location market your real estate business

Combine Location & Lifestyle

Here’s the real Magik sauce (see what I did there). Become a location targeted brand. In other words combine your Instagram branding to your targeted location.

You want to be well known in your town. Networking in real estate is far more valuable than selling. As a matter of fact the same applies to any entrepreneur or business owner.

A client wants to feel comfortable with you. If you don’t have a connection to the town you’re just another agent that they can replace. Buying a home is more emotional than it is logical.

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When you know the town you can talk about the schools, activities, parks, malls, type of people, neighborhoods, and so on. It allows you to build a solid connection with your clients.

Don’t get caught up in being fancy. Become the best real estate success in your hometown first to gain leverage when you move on. That’s a powerful way to market your real estate business.


Live Videos For Real Estate Open Houses

If you don’t know: Facebook and Instagram offer live video. Here’s a brilliant idea: go live during your open houses! Let people see how you engage with visitors to your open house.

Your live video could start off with you setting up and getting ready and lead on to much more. Video, especially live, can enhance the way you market your real estate business.

Before anyone gets there you can give people a virtual tour and talk to your audience about the house. Once the people get there, guess what now your viewers see you working.

It’s much more interesting to watch someone hustle than it is to see a typical picture of the house you’re trying to sell.

It’s about transparency. People can relate to you. They see you working hard, or not, and connect with you. This is a digital way of networking. It’s not always about selling to people it’s about gaining a connection.