The Difference Between Marketing & Sales

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There is a fine line that separates Marketing from Sales but often times, these two go hand in hand. The average entrepreneur is typically not well versed in marketing and sales, even though they believe they are. But let’s break down the basics for now.


Marketing Results In Becoming a Brand

If there is one thing that you will take from this post, take this: Marketing is Brand Recognition and Brand Development. When you’re Marketing your business the game is to create an image for your company that consumers will be able to connect with. Naturally this will allow people to know exactly what your company is and provides.

What comes to your mind when you think of Apple, iPhone right? What about Nike? Sports clothing. These are two well established worldwide companies.

Through Marketing efforts and patience they created their well known brand. Typically Marketing is a long term strategy and although it can bring you results quickly often times you will have to give it time to build and develop.




Don’t Be a Salesperson

It’s a safe bet to assume you have probably been through an unwanted sales pitch before, ever bought a car? Don’t you get annoyed when you are pestered to buy something. The 20th century was the apex of sales.

If you, as a salesperson, didn’t badger people to buy you’d never sell a thing. Nowadays this form of sales does not yield results and with good reason. Be wary of practicing that same or similar sales style. It’ll only hinder your odds of making the sale.

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Don’t Go Door Knockin’

Thank goodness door knocking is almost completely diminished in the sales setting. Nothing agitates a person more than being solicited to at their home or place of business. There’s really no need to even divulge in that topic, just don’t do it.

On the other hand cold calls don’t seem to be disappearing as quickly. The strange thing about this method of sales is there isn’t a defining response. People are either open to hear what you have to say (if you have the right opening statement) or you hear the dial tone. If done correctly cold calling leads can prove to be a favorable approach.


It’s A Healthy Balance

Marketing and Sales are married to each other; they can be a powerful couple and do some serious damage together, if done right. Before you can execute them together, learn the individual trade secrets and then practice them.

Only when you understand how they each operate on their own can you apply them together and cause some serious damage to your competitor. The receiver and quarterback need to both be experts in their positions so their teamwork can result in a touchdown.