What It Really Means To Be An Entrepreneur

Every new entrepreneur is filled with excitement. While that’s not a bad thing, it’s simply naivete. Often time excitement creates high expectations.


With Great Power…

By all means entrepreneurs should be exuberant. Nevertheless it could also be dangerous. Starting a business can comes with many responsibilities.

Additionally a business brings many burdens. Once you pass the honeymoon phase, the heat kicks in.


Ride or Die

Business is very ‘do or die’. There is no middle ground. Either you succeed or you don’t. Only you are able to define success for your business.

For this reason an entrepreneur can fail. Everything is on you. People are relying on you (employees, family, etc.). You’re the leader.

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Blunders Are Important

Entrepreneurs begin to aim for perfection. Thus an entrepreneur can feel overwhelmed. Sooner or later mistakes are made. Rather remaining as calm as possible entrepreneurs freak out.

For the most part mistakes are important. Obviously it depends on the severity. But it’s part of the the business ecosystem. Without mistakes you can’t learn.


Experience Trumps All

If you don’t learn through experience you will never truly understand it. There’s a line between perfectionism and attentiveness.

There’s value in having a consultant keep you level at this time. Every business owner and entrepreneur needs a consultant. This person can be anyone really. A professional is recommended but someone is better than no one.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.


Always Move Forward.

In spite of all the mistakes always push forward. Never go backwards or stay the same. If you’re not moving forward in business you will fall very behind.

Especially in today’s world. The social media phenomena is constantly changing and adapting. Keep up or lose. If you’re not on social media already you better get started ASAP!

If you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards. At the speed society is operating at you can’t afford to be left behind a second. Every day you don’t take that step as a startup business you lose.

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School For Entrepreneurs

When you open a business you learn a lot about yourself. Self-reflection creates personal growth. Growing as an entrepreneur will help your business grow.

It’s a time where you learn your strengths and weakness. But don’t dwell on your weaknesses. Work extra hard on your strengths and find solutions for your weaknesses.


An Entrepreneur Takes A Beating

As a business owner you’re going to deal with a lot of sh*t. It’s important not to give yourself sh*t too. An entrepreneurs needs to be ready for a fight.

Problems come out when you least expect it. They almost always appear when things are going good. Realize that you should focus on solutions when a problem comes by.


An Entrepreneur Enjoys The Beating

Having problems constantly creates a lot of stress. As a business owner there typically won’t be a day without a problem. The real secret to business is enjoying the problems.

When you don’t view errors as a bad thing it becomes easier to solve them. You’ll be less stressed and in time less mistakes will be made. The happier you are when solving a problem, the faster you’ll succeed.