Why You Shouldn’t Consider Building Your Own Website

Website Development - Shouldnt consider building your own website

For starters if you don’t have a website for your business yet get started on website development fast! Everything is digital today, without a web presence your business doesn’t really exist.

On the other hand if you do have a website and it’s designed on a DIY (do-it-yourself) builder you’re doing it wrong. How will your customers or clients feel about your decision? Will they feel confident in your business?

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Don’t go building your own website just yet, read a little bit more first. I’ll explain why building your own website is not a wise business decision.


Building Your Own Website Properly

Building a website sounds easy, right? Not so fast. Everything sounds easy at first but they seldom are. At first building your own website sounds like the right move but it’s not really a long term strategy.

If you want to design a proper website you need time. If you’re an entrepreneur just starting out you don’t have much time. There’s paperwork to be signed, an office to prepare, marketing strategies to plan, and so much more.

Do you really think it’s smart to squeeze in another task on your full plate? To design a website that’s presentable and professional you would need to learn a few things:

  • Basics of HTML & CSS
  • Search Engine Optimization (We’ll get to that)
  • How to use CTA’s (call-to-actions)
  • Tracking Analytics
  • Ecommerce Integrations

As you can see building your own website is not as simple as you thought. Sure, you can absolutely learn and still do it yourself using WordPress, like we do. But do you have the time?

building your own website whiteboard strategy

Building Your Own Website Has Limits

Throughout the years we’ve seen DIY websites make changes to their builders to provide a better experience. But there’s always something that you can’t do. It varies from builder to builder and I’m not going to name call.

For the most part a WordPress developed website would have many more options and flexibility than any DIY. However having a website coded from scratch has zero limitations.

Having either a WordPress or coded website will be a much better choice than building your website. Using a builder to design a website that looks like it’s from the early 2000’s won’t work in 2018. You can’t get away with “It’s just a website” anymore.

Format: DIY Builder WordPress Coding
Cost: $ $$ $$$
Options: Limited Flexible Limitless

With DIY builders your also limited with how much storage your website can use. Publishing content like blogs, news, updates, frequently is not possible with these builders. Which makes DIY builders not suitable for any content marketing strategies.

Their goal is to motivate you in purchasing their higher tier packages. Only then will you be able to publish more content or even add more item listings to your eCommerce business.


DIY Builders Own & Control Your Website

Say you decide to switch over to a website development company, or even another DIY builder (don’t). You will end up starting from scratch. When you build a website with these providers they own your content.

They won’t allow you to migrate any of your data. This means your images, worded content, logos, or anything else you’ve plugged in don’t come with you when you leave. This is how they attempt to make you stay with them. It’s a pretty shoddy business practice if you ask me.


Upgrade Now For More Features!

It always starts out with a friendly discount and an inviting message: “Build Your Website For Free!” Then you start to notice that you have to pay extra for features you need. For example if you want to remove their banner ads from your website, upgrade!

What’s really frustrating is a lot of these builders enjoy placing in their links on your back-end. Most people don’t realize this, but it’s there and it’s terrible for your SEO.


Will Your Website Be Properly Optimized?

Having proper website optimization is important when you want to grow your business. You can’t afford not to. Even if you’re not going to compete in the digital space you want your website to be properly optimized for your goals.

It could be to drive local traffic, or online sales. Knowing how to correctly optimize your website can make a change, even if it’s a small one. Did you know that there are over 100 billion searches every month only on Google?

Learning search engine optimization is the most troublesome aspect of building your own website. It’s a never ending study that is constantly contradicting itself. Learning search engine optimization can take months-years depending on the time you don’t have.

Search engine optimization is extremely valuable for every website and has become a standard practice in our digital world. Having a real developer will help make sure your website is optimized with the right keywords and goals in mind. You want to make sure your website performs for your business not the other way around.

building your own website optimization sketch

What About Beating Your Competition?

With the current rise of entrepreneurs every business has a lot of competition. Beating your competition is a golden rule of business.

By building your own website you’re helping your competitors invest in a better one. However if you have an amazing website, competitors might get discouraged and might try to invest in a better one.

What if your competitors have really awesome websites? Even so! Show customers that your business needs to be taken seriously. Social media has exposed everything. People can now see the difference in quality between competitors.


Always Think About Your Audience First

Providing a great experience to each person who visits your website is vital. Don’t you believe your customers are worth the investment? Your business needs to set the right impression. If you don’t have happy customers you don’t have a successful business.

Building your own website might be the best choice for you sometimes, and that’s okay. However if you’re looking to really succeed, getting it done the right way is well worth it.

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