Snapchat Drops a New Feature Called Context Cards

snapchat context cards image magik media (original: snapchat)

Social media platforms are continuously becoming more aggressive with their updates. It was just last week that Instagram rolled out their new polls feature. Today Snapchat has released a new feature their calling Context Cards.


What Are Context Cards?

Snaps can now be sent to your friends with information attached to it. For example: You send your friend a picture of your delicious pancakes.


How Do Context Cards Work?

By adding a geofilter of your location (place of business) your friend can simply swipe up and see all the detailed information. Hours of operation, contact details, map, directions, reviews and more.


How Is Snapchat able to get this information?

In short they are working with third party services like:  TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Michelin, and Goop. This way they can integrate the information from these services directly into Snapchat.


That’s not all

Snapchat decided to take context cards a step further. Let’s sat you decide to go eat those pancakes too. By working together with Uber and Lyft you can hail a ride directly from the context card.

Additonally say you want to make a reservation, you can do that too! Snapchat might also offer you the option to make a reservation with BookaTable.

Snapchat has also mentioned that they will expand context cards to more third party services in the future.


We, users, sure are lucky aren’t we? Social platforms are working hard to compete. In the end this provides us more value and we can’t complain!



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