Snapchat Has Opened The Doors To Entrepreneurs

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Finally we see an update from Snapchat that can help entrepreneurs promote their hustle! On Wednesday Snap, Inc released a string of new features for users. We’ve given them a test run and it’s pretty cool!

Let’s break it down.


Paperclip Feature

Snapchats new feature paperclip allows the user to attach a link to their snap. This is huge! Instagram has shied away from linking which puts Snapchat in the lead. Once you click the paperclip icon on your screen you’ll be prompted to enter your url. The feature also gives you a preview before attaching the link.

All your followers need to do is swipe up and will be taken to your link. This is a big opportunity for entrepreneurs.


Voice Feature

Every filter or so had this feature already built in. Now you have access to it 24/7! Just click the sound icon on the bottom left of your screen to check it out. You get a few different voice options to choose from.

If you’re already posting content on Snapchat for business this feature is a cool way to keep your audience entertained.


Lastly Snapchat now allows you to place backdrops on your snaps. By using the scissors icon you can highlighted the content you want to use and add cool new backgrounds.

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Entrepreneurs Say Hi To Snapchat

As an entrepreneur you need to take advantage of the paperclip feature. The rest are neat additions but ultimately aren’t for business use. Keep in mind that you should tailor each link. You should always tailor your links on any post but Snapchat is a different arena.

Snapchat users enjoy the speed of the app. You can check on peoples lives in 10 seconds. Snap knew what they were doing when they plugged in the news feature. Make sure your links give people the same sense of speed. Send them to a landing page that’s short and sweet. Nobody likes to waste their time on Snapchat.

As an entrepreneur being active on social media is very important. It’s never too late to begin and what Snap just did is open the flood gates.

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Learn more about the newest Snapchat features and check out this step by step guide.