Snapchat Might Make a Comeback With Group Video Chat

Snapchat has had a bumpy 2018. Earlier this year they released a redesign to their interface and users were not impressed. Today Snapchat is working on new updates that are looking really exciting!

Within the next week or so Snapchat will release group video chat and mentions for both ios and android. Sorry Apple, we waited a long time for you to do it first.


So how are you going to be able to use the group video chat on Snapchat?

Easy. You will be able to start a new group chat or enter an existing one with your friends like you normally would. Then simply tap the video icon to start a live video chat with the group.

Snapchat has said that up to 16 users will be able to participate in the group video chat and 32 users for group voice chat. You will be able to toggle between voice and audio easily and opt out of the chat.

The best part? Face lenses will still be accessible during your live group video chat!


Additionally Snapchat users will be able to use mentions in their stories. Like other platforms you would simple use the “@” symbol and starting typing the username of who you want to tag.

When you tag someone they will be notified via chat that they have been mentioned in your story.



These new features could seriously turn the tables on users. I’m looking forward to using it myself!

Are you excited to use these new features?

Do you still want Apple to create group Facetime?

Will these features save Snapchat?