Why Your Social Media Feeds Are Not The Same

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Social media companies are constantly working on bring us new and better experiences. Sometimes these “upgrades” are just not what we want.

A pattern of corporate greed has been noticed. Social media platforms seemingly are beginning to favor their sponsor more. They only hide behind the “value curtain”.


This is not something new. This new format came around early 2016. Since then users no longer see posts in chronological order.


Why People Use Social Media

There are definitely many reasons why people use social media today. One of them is to stay up to date! People are using social media as an outlet for news and social updates.

We want to find out what’s happening with our friends and the world.

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Bring Back Customer Value

Haven’t you noticed that your feeds now show you posts you are more likely to “like”? While at first this seems like a benefit you slowly start to realize the cost.

Providing this style of value is great when it comes to buying patterns or for news articles that we’ll find the most value from. However we lose out on the personal gratification.


Tailor To Personal Interests First

When I check my feeds every morning it’s because I want to see what I missed while I was sleeping. I’m sure many people can relate, especially other millennials like me.

How can we accomplish that if we’re pestered with the same material every single day. How long until seeing the same people bores users. We want diversity.

There’s a desire in each of us to see a 100 different peoples posts not just 5 select few. Call it nosiness. That’s what makes social media so popular.

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Don’t Forget the customer

The customer is always first. The same applies with social media paltforms. Except now social media companies are noticing the rise in marketing.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are becoming more inclined to buy advertisements. With so many patrons it’s hard to limit the number to times their ads appear in peoples feeds.

However these social media platforms supposedly tailor what users see based on interests right? If that’s they case why to users still see sponsored posts that don’t interest them?

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I don’t think it’s a long shot to say that social media companies are nudging more and more sponsored posts. It only makes sense when you look at it from their perspective. Ads equal money.

While it’s within their right to make money it’s also dangerous to risk your entire operation for it. What happens when all the customers leave to another platform indefinitely?