Why Social Media Marketing Is Worth The Investment

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I get this question quite a lot for our social media marketing services. Each time is still surprising for me. As an owner/entrepreneur you have more than one expense for business related services right?


Pay The Professionals To Do Their Jobs.

You pay an accountant to manage your business books. You could do this yourself. Surely there are many apps that make bookkeeping easy. However you still use an accountant or numbers professional. Why? The because you’re not a damn mathematician and you want your bookkeeping to be done right.

It’s absurd for people to think differently when it comes to social media marketing. Opposite to what most people think, social media can be complicated. It’s definitely time consuming.

I’ll break down why your business should invest in paying for proper social media marketing.


Don’t Pretend To Be Anything Other Than What You Are.

You’re most likely an expert in your field. Either you’re a real estate agent, accountant, dentist, jeweler, insurance agent, or any other kind of entrepreneur. Why would you pretend to be an expert with social media?

Just because you own the latest iPhone, like Instagram photos and tweet all day doesn’t make you a marketer.


Accept That You Don’t Understand Social Media Marketing.

In reality most entrepreneurs don’t know how to build quality content and utilize the correct platforms. To top it off the ones that are engaging on social media are doing it wrong. There are certain ways to comment and message people.

Most people go for the sale right away. Doesn’t that make you a social media salesperson?

Don’t even get me started on those who have automation tools leaving the most generic spam comments.


Stop Wasting Your Time. Go Run Your Business.

Time is money. It’s cliché, but it’s 100% true. If your spending time pretending to have a strong social media campaign, who’s running your business?

Social media marketing takes a lot of time. You have to build content (for each platform), like every picture on your feed (for each platform), comment on the right posts with the right words (for each platform), search and follow the right users (on each platform), and DM people providing value (for each platform).


Each Social Media Platform Is Different.

Did I mention that you have to do each step for each platform? That’s right. I did. Using the same content or copy pasting the same comments will not be beneficial to your business. That’s a failing social media marketing model.

Each platform has its own tone. First you need to learn what works on every platform by watching your audience.

  • What actions does your audience take on Facebook?
  • Which posts are people engaging with on Instagram?
  • What type of tweets do people post on Twitter?

Once you notice the trends you’ll begin to understand how difficult it is to properly pull of social media marketing.

Let’s not forget: Youtube, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium, Soundcloud, Snapchat, Podcasting, and so on.

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If You’re Going To Do It, Commit.

As you can see social media marketing requires a lot of research, thought, and most of all: work. Yet you still think you can do it all by yourself. How long do you think you will last? A friendly reminder: social media marketing is every day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


Are you prepared to invest 5+ hours every single day? Will you take the risk of losing your business by spending time on something you shouldn’t do?