How To Win In Real Estate on Social Media

It’s well-known that the real estate industry is highly competitive. Everyone’s fighting for a sale. Winning in real estate on social media is what will make you stand out from your competition.

The average agent constantly hustles to sell a house or grab a listing. In contrast the real estate mogul employs real estate marketing strategies. There’s a difference between marketing and sales. Those who understand the disparity, win.


It’s Easier Than You Think

Winning in real estate on social media is much easier than you would think. Many of you are already using social media, just the wrong way. You come from a position of making a sale, rather than increasing awareness. Consumers are smart nowadays. We can usually pick up on a sales pitch. Don’t be that realtor.

People love to see fancy homes and lifestyles, right? They are filled with grand desires and they find gratification in social media.  You need to appeal to this emotional element and you’ll win.

Don’t forget that success in Real Estate comes from your network. Even if you’re a exceptional social marketer it’s meaningless if your network doesn’t have solid foundation. Building relationships leads to establishing trust.


So How Can You Win In Real Estate on Social Media?

A realtor can market their business on practically any channel of distribution. Social media marketing is one of the, if not the, best mediums for marketing.

If you have a budget it’s highly recommended that you invest in Facebook ads. You don’t really need to have much of a budget to have a successful campaign. The trick is having an appropriately targeted campaign.

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Let’s go over what you as a realtor can do on the 3 main social media platforms.



Snapchat has become a legendary social outlet. Today consumers want everything quickly. Snapchat lets a user consume content in 10 seconds or less.

The secret to Snapchat for real estate marketing is to document. Show viewers that you are just doing you. Post a video of you preparing the open house with no caption. Simple.

Furthermore Snap, Inc recently published an update that contains an interesting new feature. It’s called paperclip. Now entrepreneurs can use call to actions on Snapchat.

Learn about the the new paperclip function.



When it comes down to Instagram the content is always the same. SOLD! NEW LISTING! Your Instagram audience could not care less. Instagram real estate marketing is like Snapchat. Document what it takes to be a real estate agent.

Show your audience that you’re just like them. Allow people to connect with you rather trying to show them that you can sell homes. Stand out on Instagram by being authentic instead of following the herd.

Every now and then you can throw in a picture of the property. Just make sure the photo is post worthy. Tag the client to whom it belongs/belonged to.

Remember that your Instagram page is first and foremost YOUR page. Not a business page. It’s about you.



Many realtors fail at one simple strategy. Providing real information to potential customers. Facebook is the perfect opportunity to increase your real estate marketing reach. Facebook users tend to be older and more inclined to be interested in buying or selling a home.

To begin your real estate marketing campaigns on Facebook you need to think like a possible buyer/seller. What information do prospects crave? This way you can create content that will actually provide value.

By providing knowledge to people realtors can create relationships. Having a relationship with prospects is important in business, especially in real estate.